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There are so many phenomenal people and communities making an impact in this world through their PLAY work, yet I could not find one place where they are highlighted.  So, I created the Play People List as a way of sharing their work in the world, so that more people can utilize their services.  If you find that I'm missing someone, an organization, or a community from this list, feel free to send me some of your suggestions.

Play Directory

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Play Thought Leaders

These authors, professors, and activists are redefining the way we think about play. They see play as important as breathing, eating, sleeping, and even love.  Their advocacy work is the main reason play is only now being taken more seriously in the workplace as a vital tool for innovation.


I am aspiring to one day be able to make the impact that these phenomenal leaders have had in the world of play.  


Partners In Play

Jeff Harry of Rediscover Your Play is currently collaborating with these partners in mischief to create unique workshops that explore a future where fun is, where toxicity in the workplace can be eradicated, and where startup founders can be called to do better in this post-MeToo environment. 


Check Out These Workshops Here


Play Podcasts

With so many podcasts available nowadays, you would think there would be more that explore the concept of play and the importance of it in our lives.  There aren't though, except for these phenomenal podcasts, that not only delve deep into the idea of play but also capture the stories of individuals that have found a way to play for a living.  Definitely subscribe if your podcast playlist is missing a dose of playful fun to it.  


Play Creatives

Many companies speak of wanting to be innovative, agile, and disruptive, yet their work environments do not foster this type of creative risk-taking.  These experts have the ability to infuse a creative spark into teams and companies, so they can see their challenges as opportunities to reinvent themselves and prevent themselves from becoming the Blockbuster Video of tomorrow.


Play Improvisers &

Laughing Yoga Facilitators

The amount of laughter you see within a team communicates the level of trust staff have for one another...and being that "you learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation," having your team experience a virtual improv and/or laughter yoga session may be exactly what they need.  These practitioners are the best at what they do and help create unique memories that help staff to see each other as their childlike selves. 


Play Team Building Facilitators & Coaches

Teams, especially right now, are struggling for connection and companies are asking themselves how can we sustain our culture in this virtual environment.  These Team Building Facilitators have mastered how to breakdown workplace barriers so that staff can have trust, empathy, and understanding for each other in this new normal.  If your team needs a jolt of positivity right now that will bring them together, these facilitators will deliver.

Play Educators

These educators not only know the importance of play, but are able to incorporate play into their teaching in a way that makes their curriculum tremendously engaging for their participants.


Play Movement Facilitators

Play is synomymous with movement.  These facilitators, coaches, and instructors find ways to utilize dance, parkour, fitness, and primal movements to help people tap back into that playful spirit that makes them feel alive.  


Play Consultants

These dynamic individuals infuse play into their consulting work to help companies address some of their most pressing issues and pain points in a play-oriented, innovative way.  If you have grown tired of normal consultants providing you the same 'tired' solutions, consider these talented people.


Play Social Media Influencers

These are the social media influencers that are advocating for more play in the world and inspiring tens of thousands of people, including families to do it.


Experiential Play Creators

These individuals are creating unique experiences that are playful, introspective, life-affirming, and perspective-altering.  Much of their work has been recognized by the press as something extremely out of the ordinary that somehow still works.  Check out the impact they are making in the world.   

Jessica Encell Coleman
The Magic of
Human Connection

With so many phenomenal play practitioners in the world, we couldn't add them all to this list. So, we created this Play People Community Database to share their impactful, powerful, dope work they are doing in the world:


If there is play people missing from this list, please let us know.


Play Communities

There are many different types of play communities around the world that are advocating for a more playful world.  Here are just a few of these communities, spanning academia that study play, play practitioners, improv, laughter yoga, dance, as well as gatherings of play thought leaders. 

Find a community that fits your play style below.  

Global Play Brigade.png
Global Play Brigade

Play Conferences & Camps

There are so many different types of conferences and camps that celebrate play in a dynamic, unique, and impactful way.  Here are a few of these events.


Play Books

Here's a list of some of the top books breaking down the benefits of play, exploring creativity, curiosity through play, as well as figuring out how to build community and rediscover whom you are all by playing. 


For an even more comprehensive list of books about PLAY, check out: 


Let's Rediscover Your Play