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How Ted Lasso's Leadership Style Can Help You Build Psychological Safety

85% of employees are disengaged at work. Staff leave because they don't feel seen, heard, or appreciated.  Who knew the answer to this lies in a show called Ted Lasso?  Ted's leadership style is vital for companies because it demonstrates the effectiveness of a more holistic and inclusive approach to being a leader. It combines empathy, intuition, and collaboration, which creates a compassionate work culture. He balances it with cultivating assertiveness, decisiveness, and accountability, which leads to a more productive and results-oriented work culture.  Ted Lasso also embraces play as crucial to building camaraderie and a solid foundation for AFC Richmond.


In this workshop, we will explore how play and positive psychology are essential to building psychological safety in this surreal new reality of work.  We will analyze through the lens of Ted Lasso what currently needs to be added to your workplace that would create the culture your staff is looking for to feel comfortable playing. Finally, we will determine the initial steps you need to take to create a "stay curious" environment where staff can do their most vibrant work. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the leadership traits Ted Lasso exhibits to build psychological safety.

  • Learn to incorporate aspects of Ted Lasso’s leadership currently missing within your management style.

  • Determine immediate action steps that can be applied to ensure your staff feels seen, heard, and appreciated.

  • Explore strategies to implement psychological safety techniques within the team that they can practice in real-time.

Determine If This Workshop Is The Right Fit For Your Organization

WWTLD Podcast - What Would Ted Lasso Do.jpg

What Would Ted Lasso Do Podcast breaks down The Ted Lasso Show Through

The Lens of Positive Psychology & Leadership Development. 

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