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Managers often associate “playing at work” with goofing off or wasting company time and money. But what if play was a crucial component to building a solid foundation for your team? What if it could help create a sense of belonging and psychological safety in the workplace and rekindle morale — especially surrounded by all this uncertainty?

In this workshop, we will explore how play is vital to building
camaraderie in this surreal new reality of work.  We will analyze what is currently missing from your workplace that would create the psychological safety your staff is looking for to feel comfortable playing. Finally, we will determine what are the initial steps you need to take to create an environment where staff can do their most vibrant work. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the traits of psychologically safe workplaces & why it's important
  • Explore the steps necessary to build psychological safety and how to show up as a leader that is fostering an inclusive workplace
  • Determine strategies to implement psychological safety techniques within the team​ in real-time

Why is play beneficial in the workplace?  

Studies show that staff are 500% more productive when in a state of flow/play. Play also develops resilience and adaptability in teams, which gives them the ability to improvise —  a vital trait needed to navigate all the uncertainty ahead of us.


Where’s the proof that play works in the modern age of work?

During the early years of Google,  managers implemented Google’s 20% rule. Staff could use 20% of their time to pursue any project as long as it benefited Google in the long run. This method created some of Google’s foundational products (e.g., Adsense, Gmail, Google Maps). 

Tips To Building Psychological Safety
At Work Through Play

Tip #1: Ask If Your Team Is Ready To Play

Tip #2: Avoid Forced Fun

Tip #3: Cancel Unnecessary Meetings

Tip #4: Find Your Staff's Zone of Genius

Tip #5: Give Your Staff More Autonomy

Tip #6: Identify Your Staff's
Language of Appreciation

Tip #7: Create The Playground And...Play Will Occur Organically

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