During these uncertain times, what are the taboo subjects that your listeners want to talk about?

During one of the unique times in modern history, where massive unemployment and so much uncertainty exists in the workforce, where we are being challenged to face issues around race, privilege, class, wealth, and power, how do we make sense of these times? 


How can we navigate through all of this without feeling like simply

checking out and binge-watching Netflix?

My name is Jeff Harry and I would love to explore how we can empower your listeners to play through these uncertain times, lift the veil of BS in and outside of their workplace, and figure out how to show up fully, owning their own unique superpowers.  Through Positive Psychology Play, I create a safe space for people to have difficult conversations, confront their own BS, and address uncomfortable challenges in a play-oriented way.


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Here are some play experiments I’d love to share with your listeners:

I'm Ready...Let's Play!

​I have a professional microphone because I know how important amazing sound quality is for podcasts.
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If you would like to have me on your show, please email me your booking link at jeff@rediscoveryourplay.com.


Thank you so much for your consideration and I look forward to connecting and creating some fun, fantastical, and collaborative content together.

Jeff Harry