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85% of employees are disengaged at work. Unlike Barbie Land, “every day is ‘not’ a great day” in the workplace and for many of us, this stems from the lack of psychological safety and supportive leadership in the corporate landscape. The Barbie movie embodies the zeitgeist of our time and is a clever exploration of the deeply rooted imbalances in our culture that continue to have very real consequences – such as patriarchal dominance and misogyny. As with most things, healing requires balance. Balance that global play expert, Jeff Harry argues can be achieved by celebrating and embracing all characteristics and qualities that each of us human beings possess – masculine, feminine, and nonbinary.


In this workshop, Jeff will break down the archetypes of iconic Barbie characters and examine the real-life lessons they have to offer – psychological safety with Weird Barbie and authenticity and identity with Alan – and challenge the systemic gender expectations that prevent us from building the workplaces of the future that not only represent who we are but who we want to become.

Learning Objectives

  • Uncover the art of nurturing psychological safety through the lens of the Barbie cast

  • Challenge patriarchal norms shaping our workplaces so we can build the future of work we want to see

  • Celebrate and learn how to embrace the inherent and multi-faceted qualities and characteristics that cultivate balanced and supportive leadership and workplace environments

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