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Current Standard Office Climate
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What if it does have to be this way?

How Gratitude & Celebration Can Connect Your Staff Back To Their Why 

The biggest reason employees leave organizations is that they don't feel seen, heard, appreciated, and valued.  How managers communicate their appreciation to their employees establishes how successful a team will be.

What are your leaders doing to communicate their gratitude towards their staff?  How can recognizing and celebrating your employees' successes dramatically improve team chemistry and build psychological safety?  Consistent gestures of gratitude towards staff have proven to improve productivity, strengthen relationships and subsequently build a happier workforce.  Gratitude, among other emotional intelligence skills, typically does not get the credit they deserve in establishing the culture of an organization.  


In this workshop, we will explore the impact gratitude and celebration can have on a team, examine the psychological ripple effects gratitude can have on an entire company, and break down what actionable gratitude exercises can be implemented in real-time at your organization.  It’s incredible how powerful a simple thank you can be, especially during these tumultuous times.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn the psychological benefits of gratitude and celebration that help build more cohesive, productive teams
  • Reflect and celebrate successes made throughout the year and identify how to communicate gratitude in your staff's language of appreciation 
  • Identify and practice actionable gratitude exercises that communicate genuine appreciation that can be implemented in real-time at your organization
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