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Navigating Difficult Conversations Through Play

Does the idea of having challenging conversations make you cringe? It doesn't need to! Communication is a sandbox, and when you play in it, it can lead to building trust, establishing inclusivity, and creating psychologically safe spaces where people can thrive. If we don't talk, we can't learn, and ultimately relationships fracture.

We will facilitate a series of experiential activities that will provide you with play-oriented tools to practice exploring language and tone, shifting perspectives, and questioning the stories in your head. Let us help you redirect the mental energy currently devoted to unhealthy coping mechanisms and channel it towards identifying the underlying obstacles getting in the way of understanding each other. Replace confusion with clarity by adjusting your communication habits that will help build a stronger, healthier future for us all. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn play-oriented tools to practice exploring language & shift perspectives
  • Address the underlying issues getting in the way of understanding each other
  • Identify actionable strategies to have that difficult conversation you have been avoiding for far too long

Determine If This Workshop Is The Right Fit For Your Organization

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