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Why Ted Lasso’s Feminine & Masculine Leadership Matters

76% of employees are disengaged at work. Staff eventually leave because they don't feel seen, heard, or appreciated.  Who knew the answer to this lies in a show called Ted Lasso?  Ted Lasso's leadership style, which combines both feminine and masculine traits, is vital for companies because it demonstrates the effectiveness of a more holistic and inclusive approach to being a leader. Divine feminine leadership emphasizes empathy, intuition, and collaboration, which creates a compassionate work culture. Healthy masculine leadership cultivates assertiveness, decisiveness, and accountability, which leads to a more productive and results-oriented work culture.  Combined, this approach builds the strongest and most effective teams.


This session is for organizations who want to rise above the antiquated Mad Men way of managing; for the executive ready to embrace a Ted Lasso standard of leadership where our people are our priority. Is your company ready to follow through on the values plastered on your walls?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the leadership traits Ted Lasso exhibits that embrace healthy masculine and divine feminine qualities 

  • Learn how to incorporate aspects of Ted Lasso’s leadership that are currently missing within your management style

  • Determine immediate action steps that can be applied to ensure your staff feels seen, heard, and appreciated, so you can help them do their most vibrant work 

Why Men Need To Be Allies To Dismantle Toxic Masculinity

Attributes of Future Leaders Who Will Thrive

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Let's Rediscover Your Play

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