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Humaira’s work as a facilitator, award-winning speaker, and embodiment coach, is driven by a powerful curiosity to get at the heart of things. She…

… is an activist, artist, and educator rooted in values of accountability, wholeness, and play;

… helped build BC’s entrepreneurial ecosystem over five intense years, coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs to incubate and successfully launch

(or drop) early-stage ventures across sectors;

… is a recovering perfectionist and achievement addict, decolonizing her approach to life and work through a generational, trauma-aware lens and helping others do the same;

… is trained as a scientist (BSc.), thinks like a philosopher, and cares like an Auntie;


… believes the world would improve if everyone read more fiction, and that kindness is always called for.


She makes home with her partner in Penticton, BC (unceded Syilx territory). When she’s not coalition-building for liberation, she enjoys her attempts to replicate her mother’s Bengali cooking prowess.

Humaira & I collaborate on the Startup Founder Workshop:

Dudes, Do Better: Check Your Company To Flourish

Here's Us In Action:

One Dope Fact About Humaira Hamid

Humaira has the superpower ability to get an entire room to feel connected through song even if there are people who don't like to sing in the audience.
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