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Lauren Yee is a lifelong learner, and Cultivator of Curiosity, who creates connection and community through creativity and her ability to help people understand each other and collaborate.

Growing up in a family with a forward-thinking attitude and studying Interior Architecture & Design and Psychology at UC Davis, helped open up the idea that anything can be possible if you think creatively, learn, and work hard. She is a results-oriented, enthusiastic leader who wants everyone and every organization to be the best that they can be, and believes that everyone has something to learn and improve on. She has run interactive workshops and exhibits to help people connect and develop teams as both a play and team-building facilitator with companies including Workday, Google, and Southwest Airlines.

Lauren & I collaborate on the Purpose/Career Workshop:

Your Future Is Where Your Fun Is


Here's Us In Action:

One Dope Fact About Lauren Yee

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Lauren Yee, A Community Builder Conosseiur, has built 6 separate communities via Zoom, including two Crafternoons,  a career support group, a thriving book club, and two organizations.
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