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Fun, Joy, Play Index 2023

It's been approximately two weeks since the beginning of 2023. This is typically when people either forget or give up on their New Year's Resolutions. So, I asked myself, “why not create something new that allows you to savor the current year while exploring the possibilities of the upcoming year?

So, I created the Fun, Joy, Play (FJP) Index.

It asks us to embrace our favorite fun, joy play moments of the previous year, savor those moments, and think of what type of moments we want to create in the upcoming year. It seemed like a fun and inspiring exercise that spoke more to the soul.

So, in the face of such loss and tragedy, where many people went through major change and personal growth, the Fun, Joy, Play Index can play a vital role in helping you reflect on 2022 with a new perspective. Then, you can embrace the uncertainty of 2023 with hope and anticipation.

I Challenge You

“If you don’t prioritize adventure, if you don’t prioritize newness, you get a calendar full of responsibilities and appointments.” – Jesse Itzler

So, I challenge you to try out the Fun, Joy, Play Index. Consider this simply as a play experiment. Be curious and see what comes up for you.

There are nine FJP questions.

If you need a guide on how to best answer these questions, you can see my personal answers below. Enjoy the FJP journey!

Suggested Tips:

  • The deeper you are willing to go with the answers, the more you will get out of the play exercise

  • You may feel compelled not to want to explore the fun, joy, play moments of 2021 when you may have dealt with tragedy and loss. This is precisely why the exercise is worth trying. Embracing the complexity of 2022, both joy and grief are vital to living in this complex world. Celebrating happy moments does not discount the sad ones and vice versa. Both can exist and should be acknowledged.

Through this exercise, we are simply exploring the moments we may have missed while mourning during the chaotic times of 2022.

Fun, Joy, Play (FJP) Questions

1. What moments bring you an immense amount of joy & fulfillment when you think about 2022?

2. What themes show up when you look at these moments from 2022?

3. When did you laugh the most, and who were you with?

4. What day or moment made you smile the most?

5. What was your most awe-inspiring, surreal experience of this year? (If you can’t narrow it down to just one, list more. Why limit yourself?)

6. What did you learn this year that blew your mind?

7. What adventures did you go on this year, and what made them so much fun?

8. What FJP moments do you want to create in 2023, and who can help make them happen?

9. What old stories are you willing to let go of so you can have fun, joy, play moments in 2023?

If you are up for a fun challenge, take the answers you came up with for 2023 FJP Moments and reach out to the people who can help make these moments happen.

Anticipation is sometimes as much fun as the actual event.

I wish you all of the most fulfilling, fun, joyful, play-oriented, epiphany-filled, life-affirming year of your life in 2023!

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