Dudes, Do Better:

Check Your Company To Flourish

Do you suspect that your company might be guilty of unchecked saviorism? Do you want to focus on impact that serves the collective,

but are suddenly afraid of being canceled?


It's 2020 and countless entrepreneurs are still creating startups that claim a mission of world-changing impact. Sadly, their outcomes often fall short of these intentions, and we end up with just another f*cking app. Is this just good people behaving badly because we just don't know any better?


This session is for the founder/entrepreneur who wants to rise above the same-old way of blind exploitation; for the executive who understands that they need to address systemic workplace issues (e.g. toxic masculinity, misogyny, racism). This is a call-to-action - a BS Meter - for any company claiming they want to bring value and innovation to the world.


Let's test if your company is here for good, or for your own ego.

Let's Rediscover Your Play