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Dudes, Do Better:
Dismantling Toxic Masculinity At Work

Do you suspect that your company might be guilty of rewarding toxic masculine behavior?  Are you celebrating the brilliant jerk at the expense of the team and the bottom line?

A lack of empathy, compassion, and shared humanity in many industries towards their employees lead to the Great Resignation.  We find ourselves at a crossroads, having to choose between the "old boys club" style of management of the past and a future of work where we foster leaders who understand the value of balancing feminine and masculine leadership.

This session is for organizations who want to rise above the antiquated Mad Men way of managing; for the executive who understands that they need to address systemic workplace issues (e.g. toxic masculinity, misogyny, racism). This is a call-to-action - a BS Meter - for any company claiming that they care about their staff. Is your company ready to follow through on the values written in your mission statement and plastered on your walls?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the key components to look for in a toxic masculine leadership team

  • Explore ways to foster strong leaders who value both feminine and masculine attributes in leadership

  • Learn how much toxic masculine leadership is costing your organization and how to present this in an effective way to key decision-makers

  • Determine how to implement specific action steps to eradicate toxic masculinity and replace it with actions that build psychological safety

Why Men Need To Be Allies To Dismantle Toxic Masculinity

Attributes of Future Leaders Who Will Thrive

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