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Thank you For Attending What The Barbie Movie Can Teach You About Psychological Safety & Leadership.
I hope you found the information beneficial and applicable to your organization. 

I have provided the slides and studies referenced during the talk that you may find helpful as you navigate this challenging work.

Studies & Articles Referenced In The Presentation

  • How Incivility Spreads In The Workplace Study - Michigan State University

  • Toxic Workplace Cultures Hurt Workers and Company Profits - SHRM

  • The Cost of Replacing An Employee - SHRM Study

If you'd like to talk about how to make work suck less at your organization, feel free to book a time below to discuss it:

Thank You Again For Joining This Presentation!  

We Wish You All The Best In Tackling This Difficult Issue Head-On.

Just Know There's A Community Here To Support You!

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