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Thank you For Attending The Dudes, Do Better:
How To Dismantle Toxic Masculinity At Work Session. 
I hope you found the information beneficial and applicable to your organization. 

I have provided some of the links I referenced during the talk that you may find helpful as you navigate this challenging work.

If your toxic masculinity at work problem can't be hashed out over email, feel free to book a time below to discuss it:

If you have specific questions about toxic masculine leadership challenges in your workplace, feel free to share them here.  

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Dismantling Toxic Masculinity At Work Downloadable Sheet
(In the upper right-hand corner click the down arrow to download)

Check Out Our Podcast: What Would Ted Lasso Do Podcast?

We analyze the Ted Lasso Show through the lens of
leadership development and positive psychology.


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Thank You Again For Joining This Presentation!  

We Wish You All The Best In Tackling This Difficult Issue Head-On.

Just Know There's A Community Here To Support You!


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