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Deconstructing The BS Of Office Politics

Office politics get a bad wrap -- but in actuality, they are simply the unavoidable, invisible doorways and grapevines that exist in the workplace.  We put a positive spin on politics and will facilitate a series of experiential play activities and discussions, which will provide you with tools and a playful way to practice using these pathways for good. Let us help you redirect the mental energy currently devoted to unhealthy coping mechanisms and channel it towards identifying the underlying obstacles getting in the way of success and understanding each other. Prepare to replace confusion with clarity, by adjusting your communication habits that will help build a stronger, healthier team for the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn techniques to address Office Politics directly and diffuse tense situations
  • Identify ways to remove blame and deal with the issue directly  
  • Focus more on addressing behavior over criticizing a person's character

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