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For Simone Grace Seol

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Mystery Thing

Hi Simone,

My name is Jeff Harry.  I was introduced to your work by my friend, Angie Cole.  I've so strongly resonated with your approach to your work because it flips the status quo tables and proves you can be successful leading without succumbing to the 24/7, hustle, perfect funnel system of marketing.  I was so moved when you shared the Mystery Thing that I filled out my answers immediately.  I was unable to submit it because when I arrived at the payment page, I realized I couldn't afford it, as much as I so badly wanted to be a part of it.  But I felt I could just let it go...or follow my intuition/inner child and apply anyway through an unconventional method just to see what might happen.  

So I have provided answers to your questions below, as well as a video I made specifically for this.  I'm willing to be as creative as possible to be a part of the Mystery Thing. Being that this is an experiment itself, you might appreciate a play person like me taking a leap into the unknown as well.  

Regardless of what happens, thank you so much for being you.  It's so refreshing to see you proving that follow your instincts, being driven by a rooted sense of love and abundance, while not taking BS or falling for the guise of toxic positivity.  So thank you!








Here are my answers to your Mystery Thing Questions

I was introduced to your drastically different, phenomenally unique work by my friend Angie Cole. My work revolves around healing workplaces, healing division within the community, and healing yourself through play. I’m all about flipping status quo tables and challenging the typical way we do conduct ourselves (as I think a majority of what normal humans do is sheer madness), as it isn’t built on shared humanity, empathy, and compassion. The way you approach marketing in a way that is not built on a capitalistic, individualistic, greedy model where only one can win, is astoundingly impactful. Sharing your story that you can have a life outside of work and that 24/7 hustle culture isn’t necessary for success is both validating and freeing.  I think so many of us have been gaslighted our entire lives when it comes to work that we have been brainwashed to believe that the only way to achieve is at the expense of someone else.  That has never felt right in my soul, so hearing you share another reality finally confirms what my intuition/inner child always knew. 


I’m so up for this. I started my business a few years ago and the standard way of doing business doesn’t feel right in my soul. It lacks flow, play, mystery, and adventure. So yes, I’m fascinated with breaking free from the chains of conformity and start causing mischief in ways that give other people permission to also cause “good trouble.” So I’m ready to release and reclaim a new sense of wonder.  I recognize that my work, on its own, may only impact a certain amount of lives, but I also see it as adding a few small bricks to a cathedral (that I may never see fully built), along with many other souls, to create something magnificent and mysterious that changes the way people see not only the future of work, but also helps people to feel more freedom to do what their soul is encouraging them to do.


Yes! I’m absolutely ready to burn it down to create something new, more sustainable, and wondrous. What I enjoy most about your work is the level of grace you provide for yourself and others. I want to live with that level of grace and self-acceptance. I feel we are at a crossroads between choosing to continue to do work in this unsustainable, inhumane, cold way or choosing to show up for ourselves with grace, humility, care, acceptance, love, appreciation, curiosity, wonder, awe, a playful spirit, and joy. I’m ready to let go of what step into something new even if it is filled with uncertainty and makes me nerv-cited to think about it.


Probably some of my old stories. I believe I’m ready to burn them down, but when push comes to shove, I don’t know how I’ll react. I hope that I’m ready to let go of the stories that don’t serve me anymore. I hope I can drop stories of not being enough. Limiting belief stories that protected me from traumas of the past, but don't help anymore to hold on to.  I want to believe I'm ready to let them go, but this process will be by test to see if I'm ready to expand in ways that both excite and intimidate me.


Yes! I always talk about tapping into your inner child in my work and I’m ready to go deeper with mine. I’m ready for genius to visit me like a house-elf, muse, or daemon. I’m ready to listen to that spirit and see what adventure it takes me on.  I've always believed when we are doing our best work, we are simply channeling something bigger than us...and we are simply the trustees/stewards of these ideas.  Reminding me of this helps me stay humble and recognize that this isn't about me, but about something so much more important.  It's about WE, the collective.  It's what I talk about when I'm exploring the Black Foote Nations Hierarchy of Needs.


What this means to me is instead of coaching or telling me what I need to do, you will simply be a guide as a traverse a new playground that I didn't know was possible before. This is my journey and you are here to help me explore and appreciate the path so I can discover my own alchemist-like lessons. This isn’t about a guru and a student, but about me heading on my own path and you simply being there to assure me it’s going to be okay, as we take continuous leaps to expand what's possible. Helping me discover my own map to what I’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to articulate.  That is what draws me to this mystery thing, as you aren't trying to fix me.  You aren't telling me I'm not enough.  You are simply saying "there is a mystery thing that has a great deal of potential if you can find it.  Do you want to go on this adventure with me to try to discover it?" The answer is a wholehearted YES!


Yessssss! No more gurus. No more self-help books. No more Sage’s that know more than me and the only way I can access it is to buy their book from Amazon or offer some other gimmick that tells me to do exactly what they did to be successful, only to find out later I can’t recreate what they did, and then feel bad about myself for not being them. I want to be able to access my own inner genius, intuition, inner child, and trust that I’ve always had the answers…and that they appear when I give myself grace, appreciation, and love.



I yearn for fun, joy, play moments. That’s how I measure each of my years. How many moments do I look back at the end of the year and say, that was my most enjoyable day of the year, that was the day I laughed the most, that was the moment I felt most connected to people, that was the day I realized how phenomenal my friends are and how lucky I am to know them, that was the day I took risks and realized I’m capable of so much more. That’s how I measure my year. Not metrics, but moments of fun, joy, and play.


I’ve always wanted to heal the world through play so yes, I want to discover epiphanies that explain what this actually means in real life. I sort of know but I don't know what impact I can have and how to get there. I’m fascinated with exploring ways to discover a deeper sense of self and embrace a boldness rooted and grounded in an appreciation of the unknown. Having the humility to be okay with uncertainty, to jump into the pool of fear, and embrace nerv-cited ideas that may not make sense in the present, but pave a fascinating future.  I want to prove the F.E.A.R. acronym to be true.  It's simply False Evidence Appearing Real.


Yes! I understand that this is not standard business coaching, planning, plotting, or strategic design. I don’t want that anyway. That doesn’t work for me. I want to embrace something different. I want to join something that is built on being a caring, imperfect, real human being. I’m done with the Instagram perfectionist world that is built off of the image at the expense of your soul. It’s time for something better that warms my heart. I’m ready for that.


I desire to join this because in the last 6 months or so since I started following you, you never tried to sell me anything. Heck, even with this, you simply offered it. You didn’t create scarcity to trick me into buying anything. You didn’t do any of those standard gimmicks to make me fall into your “funnel.”


And most important, your posts never made me feel less than. If anything, they reminded me of my own humanity and gave permission for me to be graceful and to have more self-compassion. You did that from an altruistic way of being. None of my interactions with your work have been transactional, but instead, they have felt more transformational.  Those are the qualities of someone I want to learn from.   

There are enough influencers out there selling scarcity, taking advantage of people's insecurities, and branding themselves as the answer.  You are the exact opposite of this.  You are lifting the veil on the BS world and saying it's not that complicated and you don't have to give up your humanity to be successful.  Your humanity is actually a huge part of your superpowers. So block out the outer voices, as the inner voice is speaking truth to power.



Absolutely. I want to play full out, be vulnerable, embrace risks, and show up imperfectly.  It's in the imperfections where all the beauty, possibility, and real truths live.  I want to be a part of this mystery thing to explore what lives in those cracks.  I want to mend them in a way that makes them more beautiful and vivid.  I want to explore how some of my imperfections are the most perfect thing about me because they are unique and true to me.

Quoting one of your early podcast episodes 13. Why People Say You're "Inspiring" But Don't Buy From You, part of the reason I put this together is that "follow the thread that you are curious about and keep following one thread after another, after another...and if you created your business out of the love of helping people, we are all in this for the love of helping people and this entire process is just getting better at that."  That alone is a compelling enough reason to apply as this resonates deeply in my soul.


Thank you for reading this and I really appreciate you providing this opportunity for your community.

I recognize that you will have so many prolific and phenomenal people that will be a part of this Mystery Thing Cohort. I believe I can provide a quirky, playful spirited perspective that may bring value and vibrant, different energy that can contribute a great deal to the whole community.

Thanks again!

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