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After leading global learning and development teams for the most disruptive companies in the world (Tesla/SolarCity) Billy decided to form his company, Insight Media. We produce podcasts, media, and learning experiences focused on the growth and development of individuals and businesses.

Insight Out is dedicated to revealing and dissecting life-changing insights. Billy interviews best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to ask them to share their most powerful insights and break them down so they can be applied in lives of my audience.

Episode #53: How to Unleash Your Inner Child with Jeff Harry

We’ve all heard we should channel our inner child. My guest today has made a career of helping people do just that. Jeff Harry shows individuals and companies how to tap into their true selves, to feel their happiest and most fulfilled while rediscovering how to play! He’s worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, the NFL, Amazon, and Facebook to help them embrace play. Let’s face it, most of us grow up and try to be something for someone.  As Jeff puts it, we pretend to be important and take ourselves way too seriously. This episode is all about how to put aside our boring adult self so we can unleash our inner child.

Highlights from the show:

  • Two defining stories from Jeff’s childhood that helped to lay the foundation for the work he’s doing

  • Definition of what it means to play and the science and psychology behind why it’s important.

  • Why adults forget to play

  • The importance of recognizing your own BS

  • Concepts from his workshops and breakdown play experiments and suggestions to bring more play into our life

  • A life-changing question we should be asking ourselves every day!


Jeff believes that when we play that the real magic of life happens. 

It’s when we become more creative, find our purpose, and literally change the world.


Chapter Markers:

00:03:07 How do Jeff’s dad measure time?
00:05:46 When Jeff went to a pool party
00:10:23 When Jeff faced racism
00:12:45 How Jeff Unleashed his inner child in his basement
00:14:23 When did Jeff watched the movie “Big”
00:15:20 Jeff’s definition of Play
00:15:53 Meaning of “In Flow”
00:16:52 What happens when you’re out of flow?
00:17:56 Science and Psychology behind the play
00:19:43 Reason why we forget to play
00:21:01 Why did Jeff leave Toy company
00:22:57 Parenting mistakes
00:24:15 How to inspire your kids
00:26:25 How schools kill creativity
00:28:09 Why do adults ruminate things?
00:31:52 Jeff’s explanation to quote “Recognize your own Bullshit”
00:34:29 What happens when people get success?
00:36:02 How to channel your inner child?
00:38:00 How to get Bored
00:40:50 How to make a leap after tuning your inner child
00:42:09 Why do Jeff find most adults boring?
00:43:32 Why are the two questions that you should ask your friends
00:46:03 Ways to follow your curiosity
00:47:27 Your Future Is Where Your Fun Is Workshop
00:49:38 What question does Jeff’s friend ask him
00:51:15 People, companies that are doing right and allowing people to play
00:53:34 How to find Jeff?
00:54:10 Jeff’s last playing advice

Links and Resources:
01:07 “We should channel our inner child”
16:30 “When you’re in flow the difficulty of the challenge meets your skillset”
31:33 Permission to Play- By Jeff Harry
31:49 “Recognize your own Bullshit”
32:11 Project Woo Woo Podcast
36:09 Gwen Gordon
43:45 RediscoverYourPlay
47:23 Your Future Is Where Your Fun Is Workshop
55:21 “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive because what the world needs is for more people to come alive”


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